Precinct / Portfolio

The Precinct application is suitable for any multiple building precincts across the life cycle stages of cradle to grave. This application is also suitable for local governments, organisations with multiple facilities or sites as well as education campuses and facilities.


Elements covered in the evaluation include:


CAPITAL:                      Base buildings, fitout, infrastructure, ground plane.

OPERATIONAL:            Water and energy consumption, transport, operational maintenance requirements, consumption, depreciation.



§  Scenario planning and modelling functionality

§  No area / size or format constraint

§  Feasibility, Concept or Detailed assessment level for new developments

§  Operational or existing centre assessment

§  Reports provide comparison to business-as-usual benchmarks

§  Comparative analysis template for viewing multiple assessment results

§  Access to a comprehensive sustainable building materials library

§  Comprehensive User Guide

§  Design guides and case studies



§  Single project licence for one off assessment and optimisation.

§  Multiple-year licence for multi-year developments or multiple year reporting. 


§  Lend Lease for the Ecological Footprint assessment of Barangaroo South, Sydney.

§  Macquarie University whole campus annual sustainability performance reporting.

§  Macquarie University one planet 2030 development planning.

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